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David Cohen in the studio





You can have the best most expensive drum set on the planet but if they are not tuned properly your drums might sound more like the cardboard boxes they were shipped in!

Drum tuning has always been subjective as well as mysterious to a lot of drummers.

I have over 4 decades experience in the
art/science of drum tuning for both live
and studio applications. I have worked
with some of the best drummers

(Steve Gadd, Ralph Humphrey) and producer/engineers (Eddie Kramer,
Mick Guzauski) in the business.


Selecting the right drum heads for your drums and your musical situation can be daunting given the wide variety of heads on the market today.

Coated, Clear, Single Ply, Double Ply, Pre-Muffled, Wide-Open. So many choices.

I can help you select the proper batter and resonant head combination that works best for your style of music and your particular technique.

If you are going into the studio to record it makes sense to have your drums professionally tuned to save time and $ in the studio. If you have that ‘Big Gig’ coming up, you definitely want to have your drums in tip top condition.

In addition to drum tuning, I also offer a Drum Tech service which includes replacing missing parts (tension rods, washers, cymbal sleeves, felts, wing nuts, mufflers, etc.) as well as minor repairs to drums, hardware, pedals and stands.

Drum Tuning and Drum Tech Services are available here at the Drum Corner or at your home, school, church, etc.

Getting a drum set tuned up with mics at Linden Oaks Studio
in Rochester, New York

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