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With 40+ years of teaching experience, whether you are a beginner, intermediate player or a seasoned pro, I can help you achieve your drumming goals.

I teach all styles and subjects including (but not limited to): Rudiments, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues,
R&B, Pop, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Reggae, Country, etc.

I will help you develop a daily practice regimen that will take your drumming to the next level.

Are you stuck in a rut creatively? I will help you develop new fills and grooves that will be both challenging and fun!

Don’t read music? No Problem! If you have ears and can count to 4 you can learn to play the drums. If you would like to learn to read drum notation I am happy to help with that (it’s really not that difficult).

My lesson rate is $30/Half-Hour or $50/Hour
(in person or online).

I can also arrange to teach lessons at your home. Pricing available upon request.



1. Technique: Proper Grip, Rudiments and their application to the Drum Set, Stick Control, Bass Drum & Hi Hat Pedal Technique, Brushes, Cymbal Technique.


2. Styles: Rock, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Blues, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Reggae, Hip-Hop, etc.


3. Fills, Phrasing, & Solos in all Styles including 1 Bar, 4 Bar and Extended Phrases & Solos.


4. Basic Drum Set Notation including Basic Rhythmic Notation, Chart Reading & Writing, Interpretation, Transcriptions, Sight Reading, Song Form, Etc.


5. Playing in Odd Time Signatures including 3, 5, 7 , 9, 11, etc.


6. Drum Set Tuning & Maintenance


7. History of the Drum Set including Great Players Past & Present.


8. How To Practice including Developing a Daily Practice Regimen, Recommended Books & Recordings, Practicing with a Metronome/Drum Machine, Using your Voice as a practice tool, and Practicing away from the Drum Set.


9. How To Listen as you practice. Focusing on the ‘Big Picture’ as you practice in order to develop the ability to hear how the drum part fits with the other instruments.


10. Groove & Feel: How to Find it, Develop it, and Change it.


11. How to be a ‘Team Player’. Tips for working with other musicians and being a good band member.


12. Audition Preparation including how to learn a lot of songs quickly and accurately.

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